be challenged.

I’m posting this picture because, well, this is reality. No makeup, messy hair, 11:17 at night, Parks and Rec blaring in the background, curriculum binders and papers scattered everywhere. And my smile is huge, why? Because what I’m holding in that picture is my very first textbook for my grad program that starts this fall! HOLY. SMOKES.

Photo on 8-9-16 at 11.16 PM

(and yes, my nails are done. and yes, I did them myself because I’m cheap poor resourceful!)

My bill for the month is already paid, my books for the semester are already ordered, my planner is already filled out, my binder is already divided up into hyper-organized sections…I’m ready for school! I can’t wait to share with my students my passion for learning, because I know that it will make their experience in my/our (Jim!) classroom that much more meaningful.

Hey. You don’t want to do homework? Me neither. But I’m doing mine and I’m rocking it. Oh, plus I’m working full-time, grading papers, planning units, working with my team and my co-teacher, helping to run an after school club, working a side job, tutoring, and being there for my family in my free time. You were saying?

I love my kids. And by “my kids,” I mean my students. I pride myself on my ability to build relationships with them. And something I’m really looking forward to is when they say, “We have homework tonight?” and I can say, “Yep. I do, too. What a drag.” Just one more connection I can have with them.

Building relationships with our students is essential to creating a environment conducive to learning and educating. Education is the most valuable tool we have. Teaching is more than just delivering the content (as we all know); it is about teaching students how to learn. How to love learning. How to ignite that internal fire that makes them just crazy enough to continue going back to school when their plate is already full to the brim. Because, at the end of the day, when we stop learning, we stop living. I guess that, really, I hope that my excitement for going back to grad school shines through even when I’m exhausted this year. I know I will be, for sure. But I also know how grateful I am that I have this opportunity, how grateful I am for the homework and the readings and the tests and and and…

Above all, I am so grateful for the opportunity to share my learning and my growth with my students. Less than 2 weeks out! This year is going to be a challenge, and I can’t wait to face it head on.

And, as A said earlier when I told him my books for the semester were all shipping to me beginning today:




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