be childlike.

So it’s 9:45, I didn’t fall asleep until after 2 a.m. last night, and by all means, I should be snuggled up in bed and ready to saw some logs.

But what am I doing instead, you ask?

Dancing around my apartment. Alone.

…yes. Dancing.

Go ahead, judge away, but you would be dancing too if you reached out to a 3 time World Cup champion on Twitter and then he followed you back!

Let me explain quickly (before I really do try and calm down before packing it up for the night):

This biography project — the one I mentioned a few posts back — well, we’ve finally started the research. And two of my kiddos, two of my toughest kiddos, chose Eddie Pope. Pope not only played for the World Cup 3 times, but he is also an olympian. Though it was a long shot, I tweeted to him the other day in hopes that he would respond with an opportunity for my little guys to maybe Skype with him. And, right now, he’s following me back! Hey, his mom is a schoolteacher, so I think he gets it. Though nothing may come from it, I’m certainly going to try and make it happen! But HOW AWESOME IS THIS?

I know. I’m a child. And a geek. And I wholeheartedly accept that. 🙂 Now, for some rest.

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